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Wed July 30, 2008
Bellhaven Partner Announces Drilling Results at Los Hatillos.

Panama City, Panamá - July 30 /PRNewswire/ - Bellhaven Copper and Gold, Inc. (TSX-Venture: BHV) ("Bellhaven or the Company") is pleased to announce pursuant to our news release dated July 25, 2008, that Golden Cross Resources Ltd. (ASX: GCR) ("GCR") has released the results of the drill program conducted in the Los Hatillos Concession. Following details are quoted from GCR's news release dated July 29, 2008.
"Drilling has been completed at the Los Hatillos epithermal gold property in central Panama, with eight holes drilled for 1,033m. Four holes (LHD-01 to 04) were drilled at Veta Blanca prospect, and four holes at EL Tiro prospect (LHD-05 to 08).

Fri July 25, 2008
Bellhaven Partner Will Continue Exploration in Los Hatillos Gold Property and Makes Property Payment for Cerro Quema

Panama City, Panamá - July 25 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ - Bellhaven Copper & Gold, Inc. (TSX-Venture: BHV) ("Bellhaven or the Company") is pleased to announce that Golden Cross Resources Ltd (ASX: GCR) ("GCR") has opted to continue for the second term of the Exploration and Development Agreement for the Los Hatillos Gold Concession located in Panama. GCR has made the second option payment of US$50,000 and has complied with the work commitment of the first year. During the first year GCR carried out a geophysical survey and a drill program over several targets within the Los Hatillos Concession. The results are being evaluated.

Tue July 15, 2008
Bellhaven JV Partner Raises US$10 Million For Cerro Chorcha Exploration

Panama City, Panamá - July 15, 2008. Bellhaven Copper & Gold, Inc. (BHV:TSXV) is ple ased to announce that Dominion Minerals Corp.(DNMN:OTC) has announced that it has successfully raised US$10,046,400 through a private placement. Dominion intends to use the proceeds of the financing to further advance the development of the Cerro Chorcha phorphyry copper project located in Panama. Dominion is in the second year of the Exploration and Development Agreement signed with property owner Bellhaven Copper & Gold , Inc.