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Bellhaven has, since its founding, maintained an active social program in the communities where it operates. This social program is coordinated by a staff of professionals who work with the community to serve its needs and explain the exploration activities conducted by the Company. Programs conducted by the company focus on the needs of the community and include: staffing and operation of medical clinics, repair and maintenance of access roads, purchase of school supplies, adult continuing education assistance, and assistance to local cooperatives.


La Mina Medical Clinic In the village of La Mina near the Company’s flagship project in Colombia, Bellhaven directly funds the full time staffing of the new facility. Dedicated in May of 2012, this clinic is a cooperative effort among the municipalities of Fredonia, Venecia, and the hospitals in those nearby towns. Drawing most of its workforce from the farming communities around La Mina, this sort of effort is indicative of our participation alongside local stakeholders to solve a problem and improve quality of life.


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